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If you don’t like Disney then there’s the distinct possibility you have an empathy problem. There’s some duds in amongst their fifty-three-strong filmography, of course, but when they’re on top form they can’t be beaten in terms of feel-good, family-friendly joy. Beautiful animation, irritatingly catchy songs and shockingly emotional moments; it’s all here to simultaneously traumatise (Bambi’s Mum’s dead?!) and delight (Bambi’s got over it?!) you.

It’s not surprising the house that Walt build has become a massive corporate empire, with fans repeatedly revisiting the films despite the ridiculous price of the DVDs to experience it all again. In recent years, however, another exciting facet of the movies has risen to prominence. Fans have been pouring over the films not for their stories (although that is obviously still an appeal), but to uncover the many easter eggs and references hidden away

And from these little winks for the eagle eyed viewer some really impressive theories have popped up that add an extra level to individual movies or tie together totally unrelated ones. Today we bring you eight of those theories that’ll completely change the way you view these animated classics.

We’re sticking just to Disney Animation Studios canon; there’s so many for sub-company Pixar that to do them justice would take a whole other list.

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