Doomsday Clock 3 Cover
DC Comics

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s Doomsday Clock kicked things up a whole other gear this week, with questions surrounding last month’s return dominating conversation in the immediate wake of the book’s second issue.

While Johns doesn’t provide all the answers fans have been hoping for (we are only three issues in, after all), Doomsday Clock #3 has given everyone a good idea of its own place in the DC mythos, further carving out an identity that, while certainly derivative of the original Moore text, is every bit as new and unique as Johns said it would be back when it was first announced.

Batman’s finally entered the scene, ‘The Supermen Theory’ has been blown wide open, and Doctor Manhattan is waiting in the wings to finally make an entrance.

And, seeing as how these recaps are turning into a regular event – and how the third issue came packed with plenty of twists and turns – it make sense to chronicle all the biggest things from this week’s issue. Y’know, for the sake of posterity and all that.

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