Avengers vs Xmen
Marvel Comics

It’s still very early on the road to the amalgamated MCU that will see the arrival of Fox’s cinematic comic book properties in some way, but it already feels like Marvel will be doing the groundwork to set up whatever grand plan they have to bring the X-Men, the Fantastic Four and every linked character to the screen under the banner.

And while we’ve alreayd been warned – several times in fact – not to expect anything very soon, there’s a big reason why Disney aren’t going to let Kevin Feige sit on those new characters for too long. Or more specifically, there are more than fifty billion of them.

Because of how much money Disney spent on acquiring Fox’s properties, they need to start making some money back: they might have more cash than several small countries combined, but that deal was made in the interest of making profit. They saw assets that could be exploited to that end and they swooped in with an offer that they clearly thought would be eclipsed by brand growth and financial potential. But they’ve got their work cut out for them.

In short, the big cheeses at Disney are going to have to use their new properties in some very specific ways to make back a chunk of that money and prove that this deal was worth making.

And here’s how they could achieve that…

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