In a world where blockbuster action movies dominate the Hollywood headlines, it doesn’t hurt to take in a film with a bit of substance every now and again. Although the majority of new releases tend to be sequels, remakes or the latest addition to a cinematic universe, there are thought-provoking movies out there, if you know where to look.

Tackling weighty subject matter and challenging the audience is all well and good, but some movies take this too far and become impossible to wrap your head around. Directors like David Lynch and his many imitators have made careers out of this.

Certain films are difficult to grasp because they’re steeped in ambiguity, while others are impossible to follow unless you have a masters degree in an obscure subject like theoretical physics or quantum mechanics. Either way, the audience leaves the cinema with WTF written all over their faces.

There are movies which start to make sense from the second viewing onward, after you’ve boned up on wikis and fan theories, while others remain enigmatic and open to interpretation for all time.

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