Game of Thrones

Whenever a season of Game of Thrones comes to an end, there’s always that harrowing moment of realisation: the next one is so far away.

Normally, that extends to around 9 months or, in the case of waiting for Season 7, just over a year, but the wait for 8 is going to be even more unbearable than usual. With a longer production than ever before, Season 8 is going to take longer than Daenerys’ Qarth storyline, and be even more painful (maybe).

The positive of this is, of course, that it means the showrunners and HBO are taking their time. It’s feasible the cable channel could’ve put their foot down and demanded a faster schedule, due to how profitable it is, but it instead seems like they’re focused on getting it right – something that’s definitely needed after a mixed seventh season.

With the new season so far off, and production just about to get started, there’s a lot we don’t know yet before we even consider the show’s typically secretive nature (not that it helped them much for Season 7). Despite that, though, there are a few key details that’ve been revealed already, which only serve to ramp up the hype further as Thrones gradually approaches its endgame.

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