It’s clear to see from the recently dropped Infinity War trailer, viewed over a whopping 50 million times in the span of two days, that the two-film crossover event will make the biggest waves the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or MCU, has ever seen.

Death, destruction, and a new age of heroes may come as a result of Thanos’ attempt (and let’s be honest – because we’d be disappointed otherwise – ultimate failure) to take over planet Earth.

Seeing as how the Battle of New York – being of an apparently smaller scale than Thanos’ eventual arrival – is still felt in Netflix’s Marvel Universe today, it’s probably safe to assume that the Infinity War will have some significant and lasting effects on Marvel’s extended universe.

Given that the demand for good stories under Marvel’s Netflix brand hasn’t yet waned and audiences are expecting new adventures on the horizon, the events in Infinity War could yet set the tone for what’s to come in Marvel Netflix’s future.

There will definitely be some level of property damage on the streets of New York, likely grander in scale than what was seen in Avengers.

Netflix’s street level Marvel heroes have alluded to the Battle of New York in the past, referring to it as ‘The Incident’ throughout the series, so it’s more than likely that large chunks of the MCU’s New York will have felt the impact of Thanos’ attack by the time Infinity War wraps up.

Wilson Fisk rebuilding New York in Daredevil’s first season was a result of the Battle of New York from the first Avengers film. Jessica was shot in her first season because a client lost her mother in the same event.

Storylines about people’s recovery after the battle, the fallout from that battle, or about how the Defenders step up as a team in the subsequent time of crisis after the extraterrestrial interlopers make their exit, would make plenty of sense.

With a new invasion force inbound, it would take a miracle for Netflix to ignore it.

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