There are times when life has an uncanny way of imitating art, and this is definitely true of the science fiction genre. Everything from the submarine to space travel was imagined well in advance by visionary authors like HG Wells and Jules Verne whose seminal work captured the imagination of fans the world over.

With the advent of moving pictures, sci-fi masters were given the opportunity to show us how they visualise the future, highlighting its technological possibilities and pitfalls, and since then, the genre’s predictions have reached an eerie level of accuracy.

So many films have depicted forms of technology that went on to be invented – some of them relatively recent and others dating back as far back as the 1920s – which begs the question of whether the creator was inspired by what they saw in the movies.

The aim of good science fiction isn’t to predict the future, but to present the audience with a version of it they can escape to for a fleeting adventure or two, though every now and again, filmmakers manage to do both.

The world doesn’t have flying cars, teleportation or time travel just yet, but here are some of the things from classic sci-fi movies that have become a reality.

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