DC Comics/Francis Manapul

Are you a Marvel, or are you a DC? It’s a question that’s reverberated around the medium for decades, with comics fans the world over setting up shop at either the House of Ideas or at their Burbank-bound rival.

Then there are those – like this writer for instance – who have perfected the art of sitting on the fence. And why not? Both Marvel and DC have their own merits and flaws, with the former having pioneered the concept of flawed heroes existing in a world not all that dissimilar to our own, and the latter having created a truly fantastical universe that, for good or bad, lends itself well to the hyperbole of the medium itself.

Both DC and Marvel have presided over some truly amazing creations, storylines, and inter-medium exploits over the years, and with the Big Two being able to boast a bonafide bonanza of iconic characters, it’s always felt as though they’ve been on an equal footing.

Now though? That kind of competition just doesn’t exist, and while erring on one side of any debate would intimate a sense relief, or clarity, on this author’s behalf, Marvel’s comparative lack of strength is… disconcerting, to say the very least.

Now, when it comes to comics, DC are the better publisher, and have been for a while.

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