Gta Shark Cards

GTA Online wasn’t a guaranteed success. Sure, it was launching as the multiplayer mode to one of the best-selling games of all time, but nobody had any idea back in 2013 just how much of a phenomenon – and a money-making machine – it would become.

Recovering from its troubled launch, thanks to constant updates, tweaks and a next-gen remaster, the add-on has completely come to overshadow the main game, and has pretty much ensured that robust multiplayer suites will become a staple of every Rockstar game moving forward.

Still, just because something is successful doesn’t mean it’s good, and while GTA Online has transformed into a rather enjoyable game in its own right, it might have spelled doom for the franchise as a whole.

Since the devs and publisher Take Two realised how much money they can make off the multiplayer, the course of the series has shifted massively away from what it used to be, leading many fans to worry about the future and hail GTA Online as the tyrant that killed Grand Theft Auto.

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