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A video of Vitalik Buterin calling Craig Wright to the two-day Deconomy 2018 conference in Seoul will surely happen virally in the community.

Buterin has the floor for questions after a lecture given by Craig Wright titled “A Visual Representation of Bitcoin’s Expansion and Enterprise.” Buterin Seems to Challenge a Claim Made by Wright During the Speech .

Noting that he was in a “confrontational atmosphere,” Buterin stated that Wright had made a “patently false” assertion regarding the difficulty of a certain cryptographic task and making the Lightning network work. But what really bothered Buterin was Wright’s assertion about the “selfish miner” theory. Wright had apparently said that “in the context of selfish mining, the gamma may be less than zero.”

Buterin speaks by declaring:

This is an absolutely absurd statement. This does not make any sense because gamma is the percentage of the network that is in collusion with the miners, which by definition is between 0 and 1. So, since it’s doing so much. absurd errors, why is it possible to speak at this conference?

Samson Mow, CSO at Blockstream, quickly supported the issue with applause and laughter.

Wright’s rebuttal

Selfish mining is a vector of Bitcoin attack. Wright said his meaning was that “honest miners” would be rewarded as opposed to selfish minors. Wright wrote on the subject previously, saying:

Again, we again see technocrats, academics and demagogues who simplify, minimize profit and seek to apply rock physics to human interactions. Unfortunately for them, none of these holds in the real world. Human interactions are always carried out at a level far too complex to be modeled with the help of simple tables of states. That aside, imperfect pseudoscience like selfish mining cancer is incredibly simple to demystify. Once you’ve gone through ad hominem attacks and typical troll tactics, even my grandmother can understand just how much such a quack level theory really is.

In the fray, Joseph Poon, co-creator of the Lightning Network, stood up to say that as a Lightning Network developer and author of his white paper, he did not understand at all the Wright’s presentation and that it felt most of the others were in the same boat.

The real world episode ended when the emcee called for a stop, but, of course, he continued on Twitter.

Toward the end of the night, Buterin wrote a 62-tweet article on the big debate on Bitcoin Scaling and concluded with the following:

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