Bandai Namco’s upcoming 2.5D fighting game is a love letter to Dragon Ball fans who’ve been waiting for the next major competitive fighting game. Dragon Ball FighterZ allows players to fight each other using teams of three chosen from a large roster of 20 iconic characters.

Once you start Dragon Ball FighterZ, you’ll be immediately transported in the game’s lobby, a special social place where you can interact with the various modes. During the open beta, World Battle was the main mode available to players, but the final game will feature a story mode as well.

Before searching for an opponent, you can set up your team of three and customize their looks. Fans of the series already know that each of these characters require different play-styles, which makes Dragon Ball FighterZ more fun and hard to master.

Dragon Ball FighterZ roster

Dragon Ball FighterZ roster

Combos are easy to achieve if you did some practice or are already accustomed to Dragon Ball games since the control scheme is almost the same. Each fight is a frantic struggle for landing the most powerful combos upon your opponents and the reward for achieving that is no short of awesome.

Although you get to choose your team of three characters, you’ll only control one during matches, but you can switch between them at your leisure. Also, you can perform the so-called Assists moves, which allow you to simultaneously attack and land combos with the entire team.

Bandai Namco also added a feature called Come on Shenron!, which enables players to gather Dragon Balls when they perform powerful combos. When they gather seven Dragon Balls, Shenron appears in the fight and grants that player a wish at his choosing: revive a fallen ally, increase fighter’s strength or resistance to damage, or recover a fighter’s health.

After each fight, you can go for a rematch and if your opponent chooses that option too, you’ll end up fighting him/her again. I’m not sure if that option is available just once, or you can choose it as many times as you want.

The artwork style and overall design couldn’t be more faithful to the anime, so you shouldn’t be worried that Arc Work System has gone rogue with their artistic vision of the Dragon Ball series.

The animations, sound and fighting mechanics that everyone used to love when playing a Dragon Ball game, are all there, which makes it an even better contender to the king of fighting games title.

Dragon Ball FighterZ shapes up to be a major competitive fighting game. Fans of the series who love online battling should definitely pick this one since if offer better connectivity feature than any other Dragon Ball game.

If nothing goes wrong, Bandai Namco will launch Dragon Ball FighterZ on January 26. It will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.