Airbnb made changes to its platform to make it easier for people with disabilities to find housing that meets their needs. The 21 new accessibility filters added by Airbnb allow people to find houses and apartments that have free entry into the rooms, large enough entrances to accommodate a wheelchair, lifts, wheelchair accessible showers and more.

Airbnb customers were previously able to search for wheelchair accessible ads, but that was all. In order to determine the appropriate filters, Airbnb has worked with the California Council of the Blind, the California Foundation for Independent Living Centers and the National Council of Independent Living.

Airbnb’s desire to include people with disabilities is in light of the lawsuits filed by Lyft and Uber because of the lack of options available to people who use a wheelchair. To move forward, Airbnb says it will work with its guests and guests to make sure the filters are useful and accurate.

“The introduction of new features and accessibility filters to all hosts and guests is only the first step of our journey to improve accessibility to Airbnb,” said Srin Madipalli, Airbnb Accessibility Products and Programs Manager. “We encourage everyone to use them and send their comments.”