Android apps on Windows phones continue to be part of a dream that’s yet to come true, but there’s now hope once again that such a feature could be released without Microsoft being involved in any way.

The magic could happen thanks to a third-party company called MechDome and which makes it possible to convert Android apps to iOS. As teased on Twitter, it looks like the firm is now getting ready to release support for Windows UWP apps as well, which means that technically any Android app should be able to run on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile devices as well.

Little has been said in this regard, and the tweet only shows some Android apps on a Windows 10 desktop, while a video provides us with a glimpse into how the whole thing could work.

“Android apps are coming to Windows. You will be able to convert Android apps to run natively on Windows,” the company says, while in a follow-up tweet it adds that “Android apps will automatically use Windows Notifications and open the Edge browser when running on Windows 10.”

Microsoft and Project Astoria

When asked if the converted Android apps will also run on Windows 10 Mobile, the company says that “the goal is to generate UWP apps, and they should run on all Windows platforms.”

“It’s currently under development. We will send out updates regularly with our progress,” the firm continued without providing any specifics as to when this solution could become available.

Microsoft itself planned to add Android app support to Windows 10 Mobile, but the company abandoned the idea all of a sudden, despite some early preview builds actually offering such functionality.

Microsoft hasn’t said a single thing about the reason for removing Android app support, but in the meantime the company abandoned Windows 10 Mobile completely and is no longer planning any updates for the platform.