Ant Man Trailer
Marvel Studios

It’s almost time for a double shot of Paul Rudd excitement. We have the first trailer for Duncan Jones’ Mute on its way later in the week and now – thanks to the Black Panther world premiere – we have confirmation that the first trailer for Ant-Man And The Wasp is also coming tomorrow.

The tease was fiendishly hidden as part of a display on the red carpet…

It’s about damn time.

It was to be expected that the trailer would screen before Black Panther and this definitely fits that timeline. And even though we have Infinity War to come before the sequel, the marketing campaign can’t begin soon enough – thanks to it coming out immediately after Infinity War (and without the same sort of brand pull). The last thing Marvel need is for it to be considered too much of a change of pace after that high-point.

Still, the trailer should confirm that same rascally spirit that made the original so entertaining and Civil War definitely proved that Ant-Man can be as appealing a character as the other Avengers. God knows Paul Rudd deserves it.

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