Apple is allegedly planning to delay a number of new iOS features in an attempt to focus more on the performance and the quality that the operating system offers to users.

This is what a report from Axios indicates, also pointing out that Apple’s intention is to recover following the recent criticism over the quality of updates and security issues impacting its products.

One of the features that are pushed back to 2019 is a refresh of the home screen, the same report adds, as well as in-car user interface makeovers, updates for a number of pre-installed apps like mail, plus refinements that Apple originally planned for taking photos, editing, and sharing.

Without a doubt, this will be disappointing for Apple users who weren’t pleased with iOS 11 and were waiting for iOS 12 to get new functionality, but it looks like Cupertino is planning to release at least a few new features.

New features in iOS 12

Among them there’s improved support for augmented reality, digital health, and parental controls, and Apple also wants to make iPhones more responsive with the next major iOS update.

iOS 11 has proved to be a fiasco for Apple, as the majority of updates that the company released did nothing more than to cause issues on devices, including lag and app crashes. New updates that were originally supposed to address these bugs did more harm than good, and users became reluctant to install the latest updates due to the high risk of hitting new issues.

Apple is expected to release iOS 12 in the fall together with the next-generation iPhone, but a preview is likely to be offered at WWDC in the summer. Beta versions will also be shipped to developers and public testers after the developer conference, as it was the case with iOS 11.

It remains to be seen if these performance improvements and increased focus on quality will be enough to convince users to stay on iPhone, but given users’ appetite for new features, it’s going to be quite a challenge for Apple.