A lot faster than we anticipated, Apple released a few moments ago the third Public beta builds of its upcoming iOS 11.2.5, macOS High Sierra 10.13.3, and tvOS 11.2.5 operating systems to public beta testers.

After seeding the beta 3 builds of iOS 11.2.5, macOS 10.13.3 High Sierra, tvOS 11.2.5, and watchOS 4.2.2 to registered developers earlier today, Apple has now released the third Public beta of the iOS 11.2.5, macOS 10.13.3, and tvOS 11.2.5 operating systems via over-the-air (OTA) update system on supported devices.

While Apple doesn’t appear to have managed to implement the battery monitoring features it promised to iPhone customers after the whole performance throttling fiasco just yet, it looks like iOS 11.2.5 Public beta 3 makes Siri play daily podcasts when it’s asked about the news.

We also have no idea if Apple fully patched the security flaw affecting Intel CPUs and other types of computing platforms in the macOS 10.13.3 beta 3 update, but reports claim a patch is already present in macOS 10.13.2 and the vulnerability will be completely addressed in macOS 10.13.3.

Users should update their devices immediately

If you’re using the beta versions of Apple’s iOS, macOS or tvOS operating systems on your devices, it is recommended that you update to today’s beta 3 or Public beta 3 versions as soon as possible after reading this. We’ve already installed iOS 11.2.5 Public beta 3 and watchOS 4.2.2 beta 3 and didn’t notice any issues until now.

Regarding battery life, we’ll update this story in the next few days to inform you if anything changed on this front, as we’re still experiencing dramatic battery life drain on our iPhone 7 unit running iOS 11.2.5 beta. The fast battery draining issue is present from the iOS 11.2 update.

We don’t recommend you to install beta software if you’re not already using it. For those who feel a bit adventurous, we’ve prepared tutorials on how to install the iOS 11, macOS High Sierra, and tvOS Public betas, which you can check herehere and here.