Apple is working on three new Mac models for 2018 that could include the company’s own in-house developed ARM co-processors, according to a new report.

The new hardware approach would be very similar to what the company has done with the MacBook Pro and the iMac Pro, both of which are featuring custom ARM co-processors for powering various tasks.

On the MacBook Pro, the T1 chip runs the Touch Bar and Touch, while the iMac Pro uses the T2 that has a more advanced role and which handles security systems, while also powering the imagine signal processor for the FaceTime camera and the disk controller for the SSDs.

While it’s not clear what role the new co-processors would have on the upcoming devices, Bloomberg reports that Apple wants to launch two new laptops and one desktop featuring such hardware.

Three new Macs on their way

It’s believed a new Mac Pro could be the desktop the cited source refers to, while the laptops could land in the form of upgraded 13-inch MacBooks or replacements to the MacBook Air. Earlier this month, it was speculated that Apple planned the demise of the MacBook Air with a new 13-inch device scheduled to see daylight in the second half of 2018.

The MacBook Air is currently the only laptop in Apple’s range that does not feature a Retina display, and it has barely received upgrades since its launch in 2015, with only a subtle CPU refresh rolled out last year.

As with everything Apple, no comments have been released on these rumors, but at some level, they do seem to align with the company’s plans for in-house hardware.

Apple wants to reduce reliance on third-party chipset suppliers, especially after the legal dispute against Qualcomm and the Meltdown and Spectre fiasco impacting Intel. Apple already builds its own custom chips for the iPhone using ARM technology, and there are voices claiming the company is looking into similar plans for PCs as well, with ARM to play a key role once again.