Apple is very keen on improving the existing design of the iPhone X on future models, and part of this plan could be reducing the dimensions of the notch by combining some front-facing elements.

A report from ETNews reveals that Apple is looking into making the notch smaller on the 2019 generation of iPhone by mixing the front-facing camera and Face ID modules.

While this could be very challenging given the complex nature of the facial recognition system, and which includes an infrared camera, a dot projector, and a flood illuminator, reducing the dimensions of the notch could help Apple address one of the most controversial features of the iPhone X.

The report, however, says that Apple “is planning to increase the number of parts that will be used for iPhones,” and presumably the company wants to do this in order to combine some specific components of Face ID with the front-facing camera.

Notch coming to all iPhone models this year?

There are two reasons why Apple might struggle to make the notch smaller. First of all, in order to address controversy and make it less intrusive, as some have complained that the notch eats up a substantial part of the AMOLED display.

And second of all, it’s believed that Face ID could make it to all 2018 iPhone models, therefore the notch could also become a universal feature across all versions that are part of this year’s generation.

By making it smaller, Apple makes sure that the notch wouldn’t be a controversial feature of every single iPhone, especially if there’s no other way to stick with the facial recognition system on next generations.

Of course, this report is based on unofficial information and everything can change overnight, especially with the project said to come to a conclusion in 2019. It remains to be seen if the iPhone design is improved with this year’s models, but according to analysts, this is unlikely to happen.