Sales of the Apple Watch set a new record last year, according to data provided by Canalys, thanks to a growth of no less than 54 percent versus 2016.

The newly-introduced Apple Watch Series 3 was the model that powered the growth, as this model alone accounted for nearly 9 million units shipped throughout the year.

Canalys says the Series 3 was responsible for nearly half of all Apple Watch sales in 2017, though stats show that the Series 2 and older models also sold well between January and December.

The fourth quarter of the year was the one that brought the biggest sales, growing 32% year-over-year to reach 8 million. The analyst firm says this is the best quarter not only for Apple, but for any other wearable manufacturer.

Top wearable company

The strong performance of the Apple Watch helped Apple become the king of wearables, the company says, as no other manufacturer can match its sales for now.

“Apple has won the wearables game,” said Jason Low, Senior Analyst at Canalys. “Despite innovative designs, such as the rotating bezels and circular screens employed by other vendors, Apple has pulled far ahead as it continues to focus on its core iPhone user base. Its recent updates to the Series 3, such as GymKit and Apple Heart Study, are proving to offer compelling use cases, encouraging users to spend more on accessories.”

The Apple Watch Series 3 sold particularly well in countries were cellular support is offered, like US, Japan, and Australia.

The Series 3 is the first and only Apple Watch that comes with LTE support and can work independent from an iPhone, as it can start calls on its own. Sales could have been even bigger should other markets offered cellular support for the Apple Watch, but on the other hand, growing figures are now expected in the first quarter of 2018, as more operators could offer plans for the Series 3.

Sales of the Apple Watch, according to Canalys