According to AppleInsider, Apple has confirmed that it will release next week a fix for the recently discovered “chaiOS” malicious link that would crash iOS devices and Macs, causing major lags.

A new bug called “chaiOS” was unearthed earlier this week in the form of a link that could crash or freeze your iPhone, iPad, or Mac if someone would send it to you via the Messages app and you clicked it. In the best case scenario, you could have experienced a major lag, requiring a reboot anyway.

After a reboot, you would also have to delete the conversation that included the malicious link. AppleInsider said that the “chaiOS” link also affects the Safari and Google Chrome web browsers in some way, not only the Messages, which means that Macs are also vulnerable to this kind of attacks.

iOS 11.2.5 and macOS 10.13.3 will address the issue

The “chaiOS” malicious link was initially spread via the GitHub project hosting website, and it exploits a bug in OpenGraph page titles by creating an extremely long tag. It’s not the first of its kind, nor the last, and while GitHub removed the site hosting the link, it can still be easily duplicated by others.

When the bug was publicly disclosed, it was discovered to affect both the stable and beta versions of the iOS operating system, but with the iOS 11.2.5 beta 6 software update, many reported that their devices aren’t vulnerable anymore. Apple now also confirmed the fix, and said it would be coming next week.

The time is just perfect, as iOS 11.2.5 is nearing the end of its development cycle. Most probably, Apple will release a seventh beta update early next week and publish the final iOS 11.2.5 release in the middle of the week, or by the end of it. In any case, next week, iPhone and Mac users will get new important software updates.