That’s right, be calm folks, Avengers: Infinity War is only four short months away from release. It’s only a matter of time until all those rumours, speculations and more are put to bed, and while there have been comments that’ve seemingly downplayed the scale of the third Avengers film, it’s clear that we’ve not seen – or will see – anything quite like it.

The Russo Brothers previously remarked that Infinity War will arrive complete with a veritable trove of surprise appearances, and while rumours of the Defenders appearing were quashed a while back, a recent Lego set may have given fans their first idea of what to expect from these cameos, one that would seemingly lend credence to those earlier rumours.

Infinity War is a film six years in the making, and the centrepiece to the MCU’s ten-year anniversary. Of course it has to focus on its core heroes, but it’s as much a celebration of the franchise as it is a continuation of it. As such, Infinity War should be bringing all the best heroes and villains to the party, even if they only fill a cursory role, be it in a glancing shot, a fight scene, or something else entirely.

There are a whole bunch of characters that could get their Avengers call-up come April, but who are the most likely to answer?

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