Captain Marvel
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Way back before Captain Marvel even had a lead actor or a director, Kevin Feige was already priming us not to expect to see the character “fully formed” before Infinity War. Sure, we all thought, we’ll see Carol Danvers – pre-Marvel in Infinity War, which will serve as a sort of pre-origin story…

But then when Captain Marvel was properly announced, it turned out to be a period piece set before the MCU kicked off, so there was no way Infinity War could show Danvers before her superhero make-over. And on top of that we were then told that she has been “out in space” since the 90s while the rest of the MCU’s events have been going on.

For those reasons, seeing Brie Larson’s Danvers at all before her stand-alone looked pretty unlikely (barring a post-credits scene of some sort, of course). But now it seems there’s a hint that she might just defy those expectations as Marvel’s latest release of True Believers one-shot suggests that Captain Marvel will actually appear in Avengers: Infinity War.

The True Believers reprint run for April is going to have an Infinity War theme, according to ICv2, and will include Thanos the First, Avengers vs. Thanos, Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos Rising, Infinity Incoming!, Rebirth of Thanos, and Infinity War. And there’s also the curious inclusion of Carol Danvers #1 from 1967.

There’s no way that can be an accident, given the other titles, so maybe we should take it as further indication that Marvel genuinely is going to turn up. And that’s not bad news at all.

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