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Bitcoin Cash is gradually trying to maintain its position above $ 1000 – at the time of l & # 39; writing it is valued at 1,068.87. With Litecoin and Dash, it’s the only cryptocurrency in green in the top 10 list. A certain event may be related to its increasing price: the Gemini Exchange.

Winklevoss twins considering BCH

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss talked about extending their exchange to other cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash at the Cboe Risk Management Conference (CMC). The Gemini Exchange and the Exchange Options Exchange (Cboe) Exchange have a partnership such that Cboe will only list the currencies present on the Twin Platform, in accordance with their agreement that allows Cboe to use the Gemini cryptocurrency data for calculate futures. Thus, only one of these companies must decide if it wants to allow new cryptocurrencies, forcing the other to accept the decision.

In this case, the two exchanges share the same belief. CBOE has always wanted to include other digital tokens, as stated President Chris Concannon: “You look at the crypto space set and you look at what other products have liquidity and notional size, a derivative makes sense. Winklevoss, their wish list includes tokens that “come from the family tree of Satoshi Nakamoto – Bitcoin cash, Litecoin”. As a result, Gemini’s decision to add these new chips will automatically add its future to CBOE.

Bitcoin’s price exceeded $ 11,000 when Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and Cboe confirmed that Bitcoin futures received a green signal for December 2017. As CCN had predicted a few days ago , the slightest involvement of Gemini and Cboe gave Bitcoin Cash. a 5% boost. This assessment relies on two simple reasons: the stabilization of bitcoin prices and the “legal” status that it has acquired “in the eyes of many Wall Street traders” after the launch of the bitcoin futures.

Bitcoin Cash in 2018

With Mt. Gox Trustee selling $ 404 million BTC and BCH, and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announcing that cryptocurrency trading with tokens or ICOs must be registered with the United States. Federal agency, bitcoin has lost its value this week. But the bitcoin cash flow had a slightly different year as it continued to grow from $ 1,550 to $ 1,457 in 24 hours in February. Starting this month at $ 1,207, the price dropped to 965 on March 9 before rising above $ 1,000 earlier today.

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