Black Panther
Marvel Studios

It’s now only a matter of days until Marvel unveil Black Panther and definitely pull in one of the biggest ever February box office hauls of all time in the process. And with the marketing campaign getting to the point where most fans are turning off to try not to get absolutely everything spoiled (don’t worry though, because this isn’t a Spider-Man movie), the studio released another teaser of sorts as part of the Super Bowl.

Inevitably, there wasn’t any new footage in there, but it’s good to see this month’s biggest release getting some love on the biggest sports stage of all, even if they’re using great characters in a slightly distasteful way to sell a car. And saying a car is fit for a king is rather self-serving.

At least it’ll do something good for Lexus’ street cred and it’s good to see T’Challa and Shuri getting more of a chance to shine on screen. And if we genuinely get to see that remote control technology in the movie, that’ll be great.

Here’s the ad…

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