The proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies continues to progress as AI becomes a globally established industry. However, these billions of dollars in AI income are rarely seen by those working at the bottom of the AI ​​workforce. Dbrain, a new Blockchain platform, allows anyone with a smartphone to perform AI-related tasks and to be rewarded with a cryptocurrency.

Validation Parts of Data Sets

Development is data-related, and the labeling and maintenance of these data sets require a lot of human effort. In creating this platform, Dbrain says they can allow those in low-income countries to take a share of the burgeoning AI industry, rewarding workers with Dbrain coins (DBR) for their efforts. Workers can label as much or as little as they wish and can cash their coins for the USD when they wish.

AI companies can create and verify their datasets quickly and accurately, and those struggling to find work or break into AI can make a living. The tagged datasets are guaranteed good quality because they are validated by other workers at the end (an example of a system called Subjective Proof Of Crowd Work, or SPOCK System).

In terms of security, Dbrain prevents data leakage to third parties through the use of the Controlled Access Protocol to Deposit Data (PICARD). Dbrain said that PICARD also gives scientists data the opportunity to form artificial intelligence models using data sets without downloading them, and to sell artificial intelligence solutions to business customers later. The company also states:

“The Dbrain platform integrates the life cycle of the AI ​​application into a single product that automates much of the human-workflow. The only solution that combines functionality to tag data, create custom templates, ensure data security, and validate markup results with cryptocurrency payments and payments to customers in-the-loop. Label Developers and AI Developers Gain Confidence and Support

The Dbrain team is very experienced.For example, CEO Dmitry Matskevich has already founded other companies from Big Data, and sold for $ 20 million last year, and Aleksey Hahunov, technical director, is also the founder of and R-SEPT

In Partnership with Microsoft, SingularityNet, Kupivip, Proskater and other notable brands, Dbrain has earned the trust and support of some of the most prestigious AI developers in the world. With an estimated 50% to 90% reduction in labeling costs compared to other industry competitors such as AMT, Dbrain could become an attractive offering for all IA firms seeking to reduce their expenses to create reliable data without taking risks.

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