Action Comics 1000 Superman Jim Lee
DC Comics/Jim Lee

Although it’s been kept under wraps for the last few months, Brian Bendis’ mystery DC book has finally been revealed, and for fans of the Man of Steel, it’s bound to be good news.

By way of Forbes, and starting with Action Comics #1000, Bendis will write a six-issue Superman series of his own called Man of Steel. Featuring art from the likes of Ivan Reis, Jason Fabok, Adam Hughes and more, the project is set to be one of DC’s biggest yet, following on from last week’s new Justice League announcement. Bendis won’t be playing it safe either, with the comic promising to explore Superman’s past, present and future with the introduction of a formidable new villain.

Once Man of Steel wraps up, Bendis will takeover both Action Comics and the main Superman title as main writer, succeeding Dan Jurgens on the former book and Patrick Gleason and Peter J. Tomasi on the latter.

Further still, Bendis’ deal with DC will also see the resurrection of the writer’s Jinxworld imprint, with DC reprinting old issues and optioning new stories to release under that banner. That means books like Powers, Jinx, and Scarlet will all find a home at DC in the coming months, providing the writer with a stable platform from which to explore both the mainstream DCU and other creator-owned books too.

So there you have it, Bendis is set to write Superman in the coming months and DC will now be publishing all of the writer’s creator-owned works going forward. Let the Super-festivities begin!

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