Microsoft is very serious about pushing more Google Chrome users towards Edge browser, and as if the two ads that the company rolled out in the last few days weren’t enough, here’s something that many users consider to be a desperate attempt to prevent them from downloading the Google browser.

The screenshot you see here went viral on reddit a few hours ago as it shows another method that Microsoft uses to encourage Google Chrome users to try out the new Windows 10 default browser.

A gigantic ad displayed on the Bing results page tells users searching for “Google Chrome” to take Edge for a spin before getting a new browser.

“Microsoft Edge is the faster, safer browser on Windows 10 and it is already installed on your PC,” the ad reads before highlight four main strong points of Edge, namely longer browsing, increased browsing speed, built-in protection, and Cortana integration.

Not really paying off

While the ad is clearly marked as belonging to Microsoft, the second result is a Google ad for Chrome browser, this time without any huge font or feature highlights.

Does this Microsoft attempt work? Judging from what users posted online following the screenshot going rival I’d say no, despite opinions on whether Edge browser deserves a chance still mixed.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, all these controversial tactics don’t seem to be paying off. Market share data provided by Net Applications shows that while Google Chrome was the top browser on the desktop with 60.57% in December, Microsoft Edge was far behind with 4.61%, being pretty close to Apple’s Safari (4.0%) which is only available on Macs.

Edge, however, will get a new share of improvements with the release of Windows 10 Redstone 4 update in the spring, though it remains to be seen if the features the browser will get will make such attempts unnecessary.