Epazz Inc. has announced today that it has filed a provisional patent for its new blockchain-based healthcare records portal. The company which is based in Chicago has been providing healthcare records cloud software for over six years now to various hospitals all across the United States. The new blockchain portal will give patients and medical personnel the ability to access medical records in a safe, fast and secure way.

The Epazz Blockchain and Its Benefits

Epazz’s new technology will give medical practitioners as well as hospitals and clinics the ability to share medical records over a cryptographically secure platform in seconds. Patients will have a unique key that will be linked to their medical history on the blockchain. Once a patient hands the confidential key to his doctor, the doctor can then be able to access the patient’s medical history, however extensive it may be. Using the same key, the patient can also be able to access his own medical records.

The Epazz blockchain technology will solve many of the problems being faced in the medical field in regards to access to the medical history of patients. For one, it will eliminate the possibility of loss of information. The blockchain is a decentralized ledger which is not held by any one single computer. Any new record added, such as a new diagnosis or any drugs prescribed to the patient will be updated to all the computers in the network. This makes the loss of information close to impossible.

It will also bring down the cost of storing medical records down drastically. Hospitals and healthcare providers incur great costs every year storing the data, usually with cloud storage firms. This data will now be securely stored on the blockchain which will cost the hospitals less.

Blockchain in Healthcare

After years of being solely associated with cryptocurrencies, the blockchain technology has spread out into many other industries. From supply chain management to insurance and logistics, many startups are now relying on the blockchain for its speed, security and cost-effectiveness. It has made great strides in the healthcare industry and it’s being looked upon to solve some of the problems that have plagued the sector for decades.

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Just recently, Longenesis, a Chinese startup partnered with Neuromation, an Estonian startup to develop a global data marketplace for medical records. This will give individuals access to medical data and offer them an avenue for monetizing it.

Other startups have also made major strides especially in medical record management, claims and billing management, health insurance, drug development and supply chain oversight for drugs and medical supplies.


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