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While cryptocurrencies saw some relief last week, global equity markets were hammered again. What we’ve seen is waterfall declines across the board in major equity markets. It seems like global sentiment is the spirit here, given the alignment of the declines in each of the major markets.

The continuing sell-off is largely seen probability for higher inflation. World economies and company earnings remain in good shape, and the consensus seems to be more than just fundamentally driven. If true, the odds is still in existence

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This was the second week of selling, and some serious technical damage has been done in the charts so far. the market, the US market had a relief rally at the end of the day on Friday, Feb. 9, so that short-term bullish feeling could carry over into the beginning of the week.As of last week, Jan. 29 – Feb. 4, 1945. The 1945 Composite led the way to the global market for the first year of the year.

The Shanghai Composite 9.6% drop to end at 3,129.55 and close very close by a 9.5% decline in the Hang Seng Bringin The FSEE 30 Sensex with a fall of 3.0% to close at 34,005.76, followed by the FTSE 100, down to 7,443.40.

FTSE 100 Index: all the way to bottom of one-year consolidation range

Last week’s 4.7% drop in the FTSE 100 took it straight through a number of technical support areas of note and all the way back to previous multi-year resistance / support from 2015 / 2016, and 2017. The low for the week was 7,073.00, while it was 61,8%. Fibonacci retracement of an intermediate-term uptrend completed at 7,089.20.

When adding the multi-month test of support to the 7,097 to 7,073 price zone from 2017, the last chance of having a decent chance of holding a higher, even if it is only short lived. Even so, if last week’s low is breached the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement of the long-term rising trend is close by at 7,027.10.

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The more bearish perspective focuses on the fact that the FTSE fell straight through a one-year market consolidation zone over the past two This is the next week of the week, a breakout of the week, a breakout of the breakout, the index fell below the rising rate. It is interesting that the two trend lines are shown in the same table as in the market area, but the market did not seem to be as good as it was going through

] A bounce of current levels could easily see resistance around the conve (19459011) China Composite: hardening of a two-year ascending channel

After two-year highs of 3,587.03 two weeks ago, the Shanghai Composite Index easily resisted and turned down. As of last week’s 3,062.74 low, it had fallen 14.62% from that high. Resistance around the high is identified by multiple Fibonacci resistance levels including the 38.2% retracement of the long-term downtrend.

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Last week a bearish trend continuation signal was given as the index broke out a two-year ascending trend channel, and fell below the most recent swing low , 3,254.18 So far, the breakdown is decisive for the degree of movement and the distance to the bottom line of the week. (19459000)

In the early part of the early 20th century, it was said that it was able to provide a better source of support. of last week, cryptocurrencie They continued their downward trajectories. In all cases, support was eventually found leading to strong bounces. Christopher Giancarlo, chairman of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), during the Senate Banking Committee’s last sentiment in the Senate Banking Committee . It, along with the testimony of Jay Clayton, chairman of the SEC Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), helped repriorit y of the US, and that would send negative ripples worldwide.

Once again, the number of people in favor of Bitcoin was higher than that, while it was 70% higher, except for Ripple which was up over 110% by Saturday.

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Nevertheless, each of the cryptos remains in downtrends awaiting further confirmation of the strength of the market, they are likely to be so prevalent, so it would not be there is little confirmation so far t

This week we’ll look at the charts for Litecoin and Ethereum, with Litecoin being the strongest performer last week and Ethereum being the weakest. Regardless, there is a characteristic to their charts that indicates they might be exhibiting some relative strength. The XRP chart also has this characteristic. Litecoin ended the week up 25.6% to close at $ 164.10, while ETH ended at $ 878.01, down 4.9%.

Litecoin: possible double bottom forming

Litecoin hit a low of $ 100.20 on Feb. 78.6% Fibonacci retracement of an intermediate-term upswing. It has been formed a potential double bottom trend reversal pattern with the low of the second bottom at $ 103.65. However, a breakout of the bottom and therefore a rally above $ 175.00

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Another sign of strength for this crypto is the rally back above the prior swing lows at $ 144.00 and $ 135.00 from earlier in the current decline.

Ethereum: Technical Recovery Above Medium Support

By Saturday Night, Feb 10, Ethereum Had Bounced As Much As 60% Off It was almost an exact match with 141.4% Fibonacci extension, $ 565.07, of the prior upswing.But, there was no additional confirmation of the potential significance of that level of support, and this crypto remains in a clear downtrend, however, as discussed with Litecoin, it has reached $ 770.00 from mid-January. This may be a sign of relative strength, but we’ll have a look at the price behavior going into this new week.

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