In the grand tradition of The Twilight Zone and other classic anthology TV shows, Black Mirror is famous for its mind-blowing twists. That the series has become so synonymous with these surprising moments is a little unfair, as nearly all its episodes have a lot else going for them. But, hey, audiences love a good shock as that tends to be the thing that most sticks in your mind.

And Black Mirror has had some doozies over its four seasons so far. Due to its trademark gleefully bleak tone, the best of these reveals land like a gut punch, turning the whole episode on its head or adding a little extra spice to the story by leaving us with a big question mark or wider issue to ponder.

From “it was all a nightmare!” to “he’s really dead!”, Black Mirror has served up a whole range of twists, nearly all of which have left us with our jaws scraping the ground. But not all of them can be the best. In fact, some top-draw episodes of the show haven’t featured particularly memorable last-minute reveals, while lesser episodes have. Let’s see if there’s a twist in the tale as we rank them from worst to greatest.

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