Facebook is taking steps to make its network more attractive to content creators and influencers by piloting a product testing program built around the needs of creators. Scheduled to expand over the next few weeks to a small group, the experimental devices are aimed at boosting fan engagement for creators and helping them generate revenue through their activities on Facebook.

“We are working closely with the creators to understand what they need to succeed on Facebook,” said Facebook vice president of product, Fiji Simo, and entertainment partnerships manager Sibyl Goldman. “To support them, we focus on three areas: helping them engage and grow their communities, manage their presence and develop an activity on Facebook.”

For starters, Facebook is experimenting with two different revenue generating tools. One will allow creators to make their own purchases from advertisers and brands for branded content opportunities. Facebook says that the creators who are part of the pilot program will be able to create a portfolio highlighting their area of ​​expertise.

Advertisers will then be able to search the portfolios and find creators with whom to associate them for branded content campaigns.

Another tested revenue-generation opportunity is a monthly payment option where fans can pay creators to access exclusive content and a badge that identifies them as a big fan.

Posted next to the name of a user, the badge will also be available for highly engaged fans.

“While we continue to help creators build relationships with their audiences, we will facilitate identification and communication with their most passionate fans,” write Simo and Goldman.

Facebook indicates that users can achieve first-class badge status based on how often they interact with a creator through comments, sharing, reactions, video views, and interactions with the creator.

Fans must choose to obtain the badge and can turn it off at any time. The highly engaged fans will also be included in a ranking listing the most engaged fans of a creator.

Regarding creative tools, Facebook claims to test a content rights management tool designed specifically for creators. “This new version of our Rights Manager tool includes simplified and more automated features,” writes Simo and Goldman.

Also, already available on iOS devices, the Facebook Creator app should soon arrive on Android devices.

Facebook’s launch of the creators follows Snapchat’s announcement last week to test a new feature allowing users to tag other users in their Snapchat story – giving influencers and followers brands more ways to create their numbers.

“Creators are vibrant, diverse, and wonderful at building a community, bringing people from around the world around shared passions,” says Simo – at the heart of Facebook’s strategy to attract more influencers to its platform .

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