US maneuvers against Chinese tech giants continue today with the official announcement of FCC President Ajit Pai that the agency may soon ban what to buy whether it is to companies that “pose a threat to national security”. not specifically named, but it is clear what we mean.

Pai enumerates the risk that routers, switches and other telecom equipment are the main threat; Huawei and ZTE have been accused of doing this for years, although physical evidence has been scarce.

The proposal would prohibit the FCC’s $ 8.5 billion universal service fund used for all kinds of projects and grants from being spent on “hostile government” corporations. Pai mentioned the two Chinese giants in a previous letter. the proposed plan.

The two companies in question vigorously denied the charges; Perhaps most publicly by Richard Yu, CEO of the company’s mainstream business group, at CES this year.

But warnings from US intelligence services have been ongoing since 2012, and Congress plans to ban the use of Huawei material by government entities, claiming the company “is actually a branch of government Chinese”.

The close ties between these big companies and the Chinese government are hard to deny, of course, given China’s particularly practical methods in this area. Ironically, however, it seems that our spying agencies are so sure about it largely because they themselves have pushed and occasionally made the same compromises of network infrastructure. If they did, they can be sure that their Chinese rivals did it.

The details of the rule are unknown, but even a relatively lax ban would probably be a big hit for Huawei and ZTE, who until now have failed to breach the US phone market but still manufacture all kinds of other telecommunications gear constituting our infrastructure.

The draft of the new rule will be published tomorrow; the other commissioners have it now and are probably reading and forging opinions on how to improve it. The vote is set for 17 April.