Solo Trailer

Despite lots of “expert” commentary suggesting that there was no way that Disney would release anything for Solo during the Super Bowl – partly based on LucasFilm precedent, partly on the limited time available – Disney only went and did it anyway.

The mega-studio released the first footage from Ron Howard’s upcoming prequel ahead of the reveal of the first full trailer tomorrow on Good Morning America. Which is a bold way to spend money, given that it’s already coming in less than 24 hours.

But then, they’re Disney, what do they care about money?

The trailer is one bit flirtation, showing only a flash of Alden Ehrenreich’s Solo (who looks suspiciously like he’s been digitally altered to look like Harrison Ford), as well as brief looks at the key cast around him of Woody Harrelson, Felicity Jones and Donald Glover. No porgs thankfully.

Interestingly, it also sounds like Ehrenreich has been working on his vocal performance too, because he sounds absolutely like Ford did when he was younger. If he nails a “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” in the main trailer, people will spontaneously give birth.

Here’s the trailer…

What do you think?

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