Calculate Linux developer Alexander Tratsevskiy was pleased to announce today the general availability of the Calculate Linux 17.12 computer operating system based on Gentoo Linux.

Coming six months after version 17.6, Calculate Linux 17.12 introduces some new features and improvements like SoftRaid support, better automatic partitioning of drives, support for third-party overlays, better application task scheduling with the MuQSS kernel patch, as well as less memory load with the UKSM kernel patch.

Under the hood, Calculate Linux 17.12 is powered by the latest Linux 4.14 LTS (Long Term Support) kernel and X.Org Server 1.19.5 display server, uses a PAE binary kernel for 32-bit computes, updates GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) to version 6.4, optimizes all server kernel settings, and it launches Calculate Utilities server through D-Bus instead of running in the background, for better performance.

The Pidgin instant messaging client was replace with Gajim in the Xfce, MATE, and Cinnamon editions of Calculate Linux, which come with “httpupload, “image” and “url image preview” pre-installed. Also, the LXC/LXD container version is now called Calculate Container Scratch (CCS) starting with this release, which includes 11,493 binary packages.

“On the New Year’s Eve, meet Calculate Linux 17.12! This latest release features installation on software RAID and offers still better load and memory balance,” writes developer Alexander Tratsevskiy in today’s announcement. “If you already have Calculate Linux on board, please update your system to get Calculate Linux 17.12.”

Calculate Linux 17.12 is available in eight flavors

Among the software applications included in Calculate Linux 17.12, we can mention Xfce 4.12, Cinnamon 3.4, MATE 1.18, KDE Plasma 5.10.5, KDE Applications 17.08.3, KDE Frameworks 5.41, Mozilla Firefox 57.0.1, LibreOffice, GIMP 2.8.22, Rhythmbox 3.4.1, Clementine 1.3.1, Claws Mail 3.15.0, Evolution 3.22.6, OpenLDAP 2.4.44, Samba 4.5.10, Postfix 3.2.4, ProFTPD 1.3.5e, and BIND 9.11.1_p3.

Calculate Linux 17.12 is available for download right now and it’s distributed in no less than eight flavors, including Calculate Linux Desktop KDE, Calculate Linux Desktop Xfce, Calculate Linux Desktop Cinnamon, Calculate Linux Desktop MATE, Calculate Linux Directory Server, Calculate Linux Scratch Server, Calculate Linux Container Scratch, and Calculate Linux Scratch.