The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) clarified the token obligations initials (ICO) note published on Tuesday, 20 February.

BaFin’s note follows the investor warning from November 2017, in which it discussed the potential “risks” of country offices.

The update comes “against a backdrop of BaFin’s increased demand for securities and asset management,” notes the note, with potential OIC operators wondering if underlying chips, currencies or cryptocurrencies behind ICOs are considered financial instruments. in the area of ​​securities supervision.

BaFin follows its counterparts in Switzerland, where FINMA last week issued new regulatory guidelines for ICOs in response to a large number of questions about how they should be handled in the current legal framework.

On Tuesday, February 20, Cointelegraph reported how the US state of Wyoming passed a bill exempting certain symbolic offers from securities compliance if they met certain conditions by July 2018.

Under the jurisdiction of Germany, ICO operators “must verify exactly whether a regulated instrument, [such as] a financial instrument … or a”

This month, the country It is also engaged in a trans-European campaign to debate wider regulation of cryptocurrency internationally at the G20 summit in March. Argentina.