The UK-based global fund network Calastone published searches on Thursday 22 February, showing Blockchain could save mutual funds. $ 2.6 Billion

In a press release issued on Thursday, the company, which uses digital solutions to automate financial investments and save on costs, said Blockchain technology holds “considerable value potential” for the industry.

The figures published by Calastone represent the tangible financial value that a chain of blocks has allowed a distributed market infrastructure to provide, removing many of the remaining inefficiencies currently embedded in the system, resulting in a increased costs, risks, and regulatory pressures “he states.

Traditional finance continued its public praise of the Blockchain promise, the technology behind cryptoculture. Bitcoin and Ethereum, representing aging infrastructure and inherited practices.

Last week, Cointelegraph reported the bullish tone of the T3 Florida conference, during which financial advisors called Blockchain a sociological innovation

Calastone results are associated with outsourced research on its own impact on the market since 2009. Digitization, she explains, is responsible for the economy of the global fund market. £ 458 mln ($ 635

In 2019, the feasibility demonstration of “ Blockchain-enabled distributed infrastructure infrastructure ” will make way for the migration of its core network technology to the Blockchain, which will in turn lead to savings of around $ 2.6 billion for mutual funds worldwide, according to the company.