Following on the release of the Linux 4.15 kernel series, the GNU Linux-libre project announced today the availability of a the GNU Linux-libre 4.15-gnu kernel based on Linux kernel 4.15.

Featuring almost all the goodies of the new Linux 4.15 kernel series, which was announced by Linus Torvalds over the weekend, the GNU Linux-libre 4.15 kernel is now available for those seeking 100% freedom for their open-source operating systems. As usual, this release comes without any proprietary drivers.

The biggest new changes of the GNU Linux-libre 4.15 kernel appears to be the implementation of a new method for building the latest GNU Linux-libre release for Debian– and Red Hat-based operating systems while referring to GNU Linux-libre instead of the upstream kernel.

“This release introduces changes in scripts/package, so that .deb and .rpm scripts built with the scripts in there will refer to GNU Linux-libre rather than upstream. This is in line with our goal of not leading users to non-Free Software,” said Alexandre Oliva in the mailing list announcement.

Driver deblobbing in GNU Linux-libre kernel 4.15

Apart from that, the GNU Linux-libre 4.15 kernel deblobbs the drivers for HiDeep touchscreens and Broadcom BCM7XXX-based boards, and cleans up a bunch of other drivers, including the AMDGPU, Intel i915, Adreno, Tegra, Silead DMI, and AtomISP ones. Also, it removes the code to deblob the OSS sound drivers, and the ap1302 driver from staging as they were removed upstream.

The GNU Linux-libre 4.15 kernel is here for those seeking 100% freedom for their personal computers and the open-source operating system they’re using. You can download the GNU Linux-libre 4.15 kernel source tarball right now if you want to compile it for your GNU/Linux operating system, and don’t hesitate to use this repository if you want free firmware for your hardware.