The Fappening scandal continues even in 2018, and Guardians of the Galaxy actress Mikaela Hoover appears to be the most recent victim.

Hoover’s iCloud account has recently been hacked and the attackers managed to steal no more, no less than 40,000 images, 119 of which were posted on websites known for publishing nude photos as part of the Fappening saga.

The actress has already contacted the LAPD, according to a report from TMZ, and police investigators have collected two IP addresses to look into possible cyberattacks launched from computers using them to connect to the Internet.

Search warrants to obtain information about IP holders have also been executed, the source notes, and bank data and other information have also been obtained.

iCloud account breached by hackers

Not much has been said about the hack itself, but in the past, the majority of the Fappening victims had their photos stolen after malicious actors managed to break into their iCloud accounts. iCloud is a cloud-based storage service offered by Apple where iPhone users can upload their photos. By default, iPhones automatically upload photos taken with the camera to the cloud.

Most often, hackers turn to phishing schemes to obtain the credentials of iCloud accounts. This method involves sending the targets emails seemingly sent by Apple and requesting an account reset. Clicking links included in these malicious mails get users to websites that look similar to those belonging to Apple, but any provided usernames and passwords are automatically submitted to hackers.

Mikaela Hoover hasn’t provided a statement following the hack, but given that an investigation is under way, expect more information to be provided when and if any suspects are found.

Several celebrities had their nude pictures stolen and posted online as part of the Fappening saga, most recently including Fox Sports host Charissa Thompson, Faye Brookes, WWE Diva Maria Kanellis, Miley Cyrus, and Anne Hathaway.

The actress has already contacted the LAPD to investigate the hack

The actress has already contacted the LAPD to investigate the hack