Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) Hangouts Chat is now available after months of beta testing with companies enrolled in its Early Adopter program.

Google Hangouts conversation is out of beta

One year after Google’s redesign of Hangouts, the Slack-like chat features of this app will allow teams to meet with the G Suite of Services. And because it will be available for free for G Suite subscribers, close integration of applications within the suite could be enough to persuade companies to opt for the Hangouts conversation.

For many small businesses that want fully integrated and affordable solutions, G Suite with Hangouts Cats is a great option. In this Google ecosystem, you can now work with teams, chat, organize video conferences, share documents, access cloud storage and more.

Scott Johnston, director of product management for Google, wrote on Google’s official blog: “From direct messages to group conversations, chat helps teams collaborate easily and effectively. With dedicated virtual rooms to house projects over time – as well as wired conversations – Chat makes it easy to track progress and follow-up tasks in one place. “ ]

Conversation Conversation

At this location, as Johnston said, you can now work with other G-Suite applications, including Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides, while being able to join meetings online with Hangouts Meet. With these tools, you can start collaborating using Hangouts Cats in rooms supporting up to 8,000 members and 28 languages.

Whether you are on your Windows or Mac OS desktop or on your Android or iOS device, you can collaborate from anywhere. Google also brings its artificial intelligence technology to accelerate manual workflows to book conference rooms and quickly find files by predicting what you might need.

The third party integration is also a big part of this application. To date, there are a total of 25 robots interacting with other G Suite applications, including Salesforce, Trello, FreshDesk, Xero, RingCentral, Vonage and others. To encourage more integrations, Google gives developers access to resources to add their software in Hangouts Chat.

In competition with Slack

Google announced the redesign of Hangouts in March 2017 in its bid to fight Slack’s dominance in this segment. Google is not the only one to take it to Slack. More and more businesses are reorganizing their chatter skills as the number of remote workers continues to grow.

What Google is offering is G Suite customers who have nothing to lose by trying Hangouts Cats because it’s free. If the company achieves all that it promises, companies will begin to enjoy the financial and logistical benefits of the transition.

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