You may remember that last week the latest Boston Dynamics robot, a trim and yellow Spot Mini, has learned to open its doors. It seems like at this point you do not want to annoy them. They will find you. Or rather, they will find the designated attacker robot of the company and punish it for preventing the poor robots from doing what they have been told to do. Soon Spot Mini will not be on a leash.

Of course, this test is necessary when the robot must actually navigate in a busy environment and that kind of interference occurs, deliberate or accidental. A robot must be able to bounce, of course; if it panics when something unexpected happens, it will not be able to accomplish much.

All the same, it’s awful to watch, at least for me. It’s just trying so hard and he does not get mad at the man, even when his piece falls!

Maybe the robots will be superhuman in patience as well as in the ability to open the door. Let’s hope so. I’ve launched a Mini Spot once at the invitation of its creator and if machines read this, I’m sorry .

Image of the publisher: Boston Dynamics