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Indian police in the nation’s capital, Delhi, would investigate a theft of bitcoin in which the wallet was stolen. a woman was “hacked” by scammers to siphon 6.5 bitcoins, approx. $ 54,000 in current prices.

According to a local report, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) – the Indian primary agency responsible for maintaining order and intelligence – has begun an investigation into an alleged theft of bitcoins in the wallet of an individual. The investigation, led by the agency’s economic crime wing, is investigating the victim’s claim to lose just under 7 bitcoins in total last year.

The victim claims to have invested about 0.4 bitcoins in an anonymous firm that promised a 12% monthly return on seminars at five-star hotels in February 2017. Returns have begun to appear on his bank account , prompting him to put more money into the scheme.

“I invested all my savings in the business with my friends and family members,” she told the Times of India, after reinvesting in the company in May 2017 with funds from its mutual fund policy. These yields, in Indian rupees fiat, ceased in August 2017. Subsequently, the company would have started issuing returns to investors with its own cryptocurrency. While details are scarce on the so – called crypto tokens issued, the woman asked the company to return her the money invested after a disagreement over being paid in chips.

In October, the victim claimed that she had been contacted by the company to process the repayment of her funds. To do this, the company would have asked for its registered e-mail address and password on the company’s website. The victim, sharing his identification information, quickly discovered that his e-mail and Bitcoin wallet had been maliciously consulted. Presumably, she used the same references evenly on the platforms.

She declared at publication:

“On November 8, 2017, my blockchain wallet was hacked, which had 6.5 Bitcoins.The hackers also deleted all data from my email address.”

India, like many other countries in the world, has seen a growing interest in cryptocurrency by both users and traders in recent years. As could be expected, the rise of decentralized cryptocurrence has also spawned a number of crypto-scams in the country, which currently provides no regulation for the industry.

“Bitcoin fraud cases are becoming more common,” said a senior Indian crime official last year. “[Bitcoin’s increasing popularity and acceptance around the world] has attracted many new investors, but taking advantage of its growing popularity, some fraudsters are also using fraudulent methods.”

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