Last year, Instagram launched organic publications for companies in the United States, giving brands the opportunity to add e-commerce links in their Instagram organic publications. Users can buy without leaving the application.

Today, the photo and video application owned by Facebook expands its shoppable experience for brands to eight other countries: United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Canada and Spain.

“With easy access to prices and product details, shoppers can access a tagged item in their feeds or via the Shop Profile button of a company to take next steps to find out more.” , explains Instagram.

According to the company, about half of its daily active users in the United States follow a business account, and more than 200 million users daily visit one or more Instagram business profiles. . Lulus, one of the brands that participated in the beta version of the market publications, claims to have seen “tremendous” value and growth since testing began.

“Since its launch, Instagram purchases can be directly attributed to more than 1,200 orders and more than 100,000 sessions,” says Noelle Sandler, vice president of marketing at Lulus. According to a marketing manager of the hair product company TYME, website traffic from Instagram has increased by 44% since the use of shoppable organic publications.

Companies can ensure that their organic publications are marketable by scoring a product in the application in the same manner as marking a person on a photo.

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