The Internet Association has filed an application for intervention in the ongoing lawsuit against the FCC challenging the repeal of net neutrality protections.

The Internet Association is a professional association representing some of the world’s largest Internet companies, including Google, Facebook, Amazon, Dropbox and Netflix. The AI ​​motion focuses primarily on the reasons why the AI, and the companies it represents, should be able to participate in the lawsuit.

But let’s take a step back.

In December, the FCC voted 3 to 2 in favor of abolishing the Obama administration’s protections against the strangulation and blocking of data by ISPs. . In other words, FCC President Ajit Pai, a former Verizon employee, and other members of the FCC, thought that ISPs should be allowed to charge additional fees for a fast lane which would stifle competition.

The order became official in February this year, opening the door to the fight against the repeal.

Between the vote and the official order, a lawsuit was filed by 22 state attorneys general, seeking to block the repeal of net neutrality.

In March, the 9th Circuit consolidated these various challenges (15 in total) to the FCC’s repeal. AI said earlier this year that it would not file a complaint as a complainant, but was considering participating in the proceedings.

According to the filing, the AI ​​focuses on three main areas: the removal of the rules against blocking, limitation and paid prioritization distorts competition and places the burden on consumers, the removal of well-established rules net neutrality line the ability of Internet businesses to reach customers across the country, and the new rules are hurting the future growth of the Internet ecosystem as a whole.

This is what the President and CEO of the Internet Association, Michael Beckerman, had to say in a prepared statement:

The internet industry will continue to fight for net neutrality protections that help consumers, promote innovation and promote competition for the whole of the online ecosystem. The entire sector is committed to preserving an open internet and will continue to defend these protections in all available locations. It is also a problem that unites Republicans and Democrats in the 50 states.

On the other hand, some industry groups that support the repeal of net neutrality by the FCC have also filed a claim for intervention.