Microsoft has already confirmed the demise of Windows phones, and naturally, all organizations that were committed to the platform are now considering their options and planning the switch to Android and iOS.

Including the NYPD, that is, who was at some point one of Microsoft’s biggest partners and a Windows Phone adopter that the software giant used to praise its mobile efforts regularly.

But as a consequence of Windows Phone’s death, NYPD police officers are making the switch from Lumia phones to iPhones a part of the ongoing contract with AT&T. This means the transition won’t cost a single cent, and the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus handed out to cops will be entirely free.

As part of the transition to Apple devices, a total of 36,000 NYPD officers will get an iPhone, and at this point, approximately 600 devices are replaced every day, according to reports.

Goodbye Lumia 830 and 640 XL

Just like it was the case when the NYPD switched to Lumia phones, police officers will be provided with tools to respond to 911 calls faster, but also with a dedicated app that will allow them to listen to an emergency call before the dispatcher actually sends the information over the radio. iPhones will also run apps to provide access to run fast criminal background checks and even view real-time video.

“I truly feel like it’s the ultimate tool to have as a patrol cop,” Police Officer Christopher Clampitt was quoted as saying by the cited source. “We get to the location a lot quicker. By the time the dispatcher puts out the job (on the radio) we’re already there.”

The NYPD started using Lumia phones in 2014 when all police officers received Windows phones running a custom app providing them with nearly the same features as the new iPhones.

The decision to abandon Windows phones and embrace the iPhone was announced in mid-August 2016. The organization was using Lumia 830 and 640 XL phones running Windows Phone 8.1 and purchased as part of a $160 million plan.