It’s really a bad day for Apple. After a customer revealed that his AirPods caught fire while listening to music, here’s another report pointing to an iPhone that burst into flames with a huge blast in a hair salon.

Details aren’t available right now, but a video published by the Daily Mail shows what appears to be a hair salon in Vietnam, with one woman having her cut and two members of the staff just next to her.

CCTV cameras have caught the moment of the explosion, though the video doesn’t clearly show the device, but only the flames generated by the blast.

And while these are indeed sketchy details, one of the hair salon employees records the aftermath of the incident, revealing that the phone allegedly causing the massive blast was actually an iPhone.

Now word from Apple

By the looks of things, it’s an iPhone 6s, but again, without any specifics known at this point, it’s hard to take this video for granted for the time being.

And yet, this isn’t the first iPhone that catches fire, though there could be lots of factors causing the battery to overheat and to eventually burst into flames.

In many cases, third-party chargers or cables can lead to such damage, and this is one of the reasons phone makers in general, and Apple in particular, recommends using only genuine and certified accessories.

Apple hasn’t commented on this new incident, but there’s no doubt the company will at least try to investigate. The worst is that Cupertino is likely to remain tight-lipped on what exactly happened, so we’ll never know if the blast was caused by a broken accessory or a device issue.

In the meantime, you better keep an eye on your smartphones whenever they’re charging, though recent incidents have shown that such blasts are possible even when not plugged in if hardware issues are involved.