Han Solo Millennium Falcon

Star Wars news waits for no man, as with a new leak detailing various Solo: A Star Wars Story Lego kits, the pre-Xmas “official poster” (that was debunked by Disney and LucasFilm themselves) is now 99% real.

Why? Because as you can see by comparing the poster (seen here) with the array of Lego kits available (here… for now), one thing is very clear: The Millennium Falcon in both is the exact same.

Extrapolating, this essentially means that either 1. The poster from 2017 was always real, or 2. The original faker happened to design a Falcon that is now in-line with the planned toy rollout, or 3. Those Lego images are also fake.

Let’s go with number one for now, as it means that badass image of Lando is also legit, with a distant Emilia Clarke and a gangster pose-pulling Chewie heading up the background. Our main characters are therefore set, and considering how little Chewie got to do in The Last Jedi, it’ll be great to see everyone’s favourite wookie getting far more screentime.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is arriving on May 25th this year. Let us know in the comments what you make of this new/old Falcon design.

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