The Document Liberation Project announced today the availability of five new or improved libraries designed to aid the export of EPUB3 files and import of several widely-used document formats.

LibreOffice 6.0, the next major release of the acclaimed open-source and cross-platform office suite, is slated for release at the end of the month, on January 31, and it will incorporate a bunch of new libraries that’ll make it easier for users to export or import various document formats.

These libraries will give LibreOffice 6.0 compatibility with the EPUB3 (export only), AbiWord, Microsoft Publisher, PageMaker, and QuarkXPress documents (import only). However, they can also be used as standalone libraries for any other open source software project that needs them.

“The libraries have been originally developed for the LibreOffice 6.0 major release, but can be used by any other software thanks to the OSI (Open Source Initiative) compliant license,” says The Document Liberation Project in today’s press announcement, from where you can download the new libraries..

LibreOffice 6.0 lets users export ODT files to EPUB3

The new libraries introduced today by The Document Liberation Project are libe-book for exporting LibreOffice’s default document format (ODT) to EPUB3 files, though it only offers basic features at the moment of writing as its development is still undergoing. The next major release will come with more new features.

Additionally, there’s libabw for importing AbiWord documents, libmspub for importing Microsoft Publisher documents, libpagemaker for importing PageMaker 6 and 7 documents, and libqxp for importing documents and templates created with the QuarkXPress 3.1 or QuarkXPress 4.1 apps in LibreOffice 6.0.

Currently still under development, the LibreOffice 6.0 office suite will have numerous other new features and improvements. It promises to be the biggest release of the open-source office suite ever, and will be available for download for Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems at the end of the month, on January 31, 2018.