LinuxConsole developer Yann Le Doaré just informed us on Twitter that he released today LinuxConsole 2018, an independently developed operating system for children and kids.

Designed as a modern, gaming, and educational GNU/Linux distribution that can be easily installed on 32-bit or 64-bit computers and comes pre-installed with ready-to-use software and games, LinuxConsole 2018 brings up-to-date components like Linux kernel 4.9.66 LTS (64-bit) and Linux kernel 4.1.48 LTS (32-bit).

MATE 1.18 is used as default desktop environment in LinuxConsole 2018, which makes it possible to manage Bluetooth devices and simplifies the configuration of wireless networks. It also comes with the latest Mozilla Firefox 57 Quantum web browser and supports Arabic locale.

“With LinuxConsole 2018 you can easily install a modern Linux distribution with many software that ready to use. LinuxConsole is a distribution that exists for 15 years now,” writes Yann Le Doaré in today’s announcement. “The 32-bit release can make run recent software like Firefox 57 on old computers.”

Here’s what’s included in LinuxConsole 2018

You’re probably wondering by now which Linux games are included in LinuxConsole 2018, so let us tell you that you’ll be able to play popular titles like Minecraft (demo), Armagetron Advanced, TORCS, SuperTux, Extreme Tux Racer, Hedgewars, and SuperTuxKart. The GCompris-qt educational software is included as well.

In terms of apps, we can find the QupZilla web browser, Filezilla FTP client, Transmission BitTorrent client, LMMS and Hydrogen music production tools, VLC Media Player, Audacity audio editor, Audacious audio player, GIMP image editor, LibreOffice office suite, Scribus desktop publishing program, and AbiWord text editor.

Users will also be able to install the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers, Microsoft’s Skype VoIP client, XMoto game, Oracle VirtualBox virtualization software, and Tux Paint raster graphics editor from the software repositories. Download LinuxConsole 2018 right now through our website.

LinuxConsole 2018

LinuxConsole 2018