Sahar Saidi had curly hair all his life, and spent most of his life straightening and treating his hair to try to conform to the beauty idea of ​​the media.

But with the rise of social media, Saidi noticed a trend. People with curly hair were becoming more and more comfortable wearing their hair naturally and showing it off. This inspired him.

This is how LUS Brands was born.

Abbreviation of “Love Ur Self”, LUS Brands creates and sells hair products designed specifically for curly hair.

Users register by first identifying their hair type (wavy, curly or frizzy / coils) and then they order their shampoo, conditioner and all-in-one.

1521037241 332 lus brands supported by y combinator wants you to love your curls - LUS Brands, supported by Y Combinator, wants you to love your curls

But more importantly than the products themselves, LUS Brands has a relatively large customer service department that helps users understand how products work and how to take care of their curly hair.

“A customer service representative was the first position I hired for,” said founder and CEO Sahar Saidi. “It’s something we need to consciously invest as the business grows.” One-to-one customer service is not easily scalable, but it’s one of the main reasons we were able to grow. “

Via social media, as well as website resources like the LUS Blog and a video portfolio, LUS Brands strives to give people all the tools they need – not just products, but also information. naturally and in the magnet.

LUS Brands was self-financed by Saidi, who had previously worked as a strategy consultant after dropping out of school. In 2015, she earned a double MBA from the University of Toronto and the University of St. Gallen and put her hard-earned savings at the disposal of LUS Brands.

The company made more than $ 1 million in sales during its first year, with over 80% gross margin on the product. In fact, LUS Brands has regained sufficient strength to no longer have inventory, which means that items are currently available for pre-order.

But Saidi envisions that LUS Brands can be more than just a local business. Salons, where many beauty products are sold, tend to be a stressful place for consumers. There is often a wide variety of products with no one specifically dedicated to informing customers about the different products. That said, the shows have been interested in the products of LUS Brands and the company is currently working on setting up a corporate back-end that would allow salons to place bulk orders.

Y Combinator also took note of LUS Brands, with the company coming out of the accelerator in the coming weeks. This is not the first time YC has invested in a beauty brand, with Function of Beauty coming out of Y Combinator in 2015.