Companies pulling their apps for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile is not a new thing, but every time a new developer announces its department from Microsoft’s smartphone platform this just serves as another confirmation that switching to Android or iOS is the only way to go.

This time it’s Navigon the firm that says it’s leaving Windows phones, and an announcement released this weekend reveals that starting with May this year, the app would no longer be available for download from the store.

Navigon makes one of the most advanced GPS and navigation apps for mobile devices, and while Windows phone users still have several alternatives, including Microsoft’s own Bing Maps, it’s still quite a loss for those who don’t want to migrate to a different mobile platform just yet.

Focus switched to Android and iOS

Navigon plans to keep the application available for customers who have already installed it, but other than that, new users would no longer be able to download it after the May deadline.

“Microsoft has officially stopped production of Windows phones, and this is why we have decided to leave the platform. As of May 2018, the Navigon app and its additional packages will no longer be available for purchase. You can still use the app and download it again is you’re an existing customer. For those who purchased additional packages (like FreshMaps), we will continue to ship updates according to the license terms,” Navigon says in a statement as reported by German site WindowsUnited.

Obviously, Navigon’s apps for Android and iOS will continue to be available, and this is exactly what happens every time a big developer leaves the platform. With Windows phones no longer worth the time and resources, the focus is entirely switched to alternative mobile operating systems.

Microsoft has already confirmed that no new features and phones are planned for Windows 10 Mobile, and the company will just continue to ship security updates until mid-2019 when end of life is reached.